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Rome Essentials


Near Santa Maria Maggiore
Tempio di Mecenate Ristorante/Pizzeria Largo Leopardi, 14/18 (Via Merulana) This restaurant is always full of diners. There's usually a line in front of the outdoor dining room. The food is quite good and the bill for three with wine and bottled water adds up to €52. 
Panella Via Merulana This is a bakery and restaurant in one. They have a buffet table for a fixed price. Outdoor seating. Attracts a young crowd.
Cute animal shaped breads at Panella
Near the Pantheon
Capranica Enoteca and Taverna Piazza Capranica 99/100
Bar at Capranica
This is a beautiful taverna inside the Palazzo Capranica, a renaissance era palace.  The bar, in warm tones of brown, is the backdrop of this elegant dining room. I had their salmon with risotto and zucchini.
Across from the Colosseo 
Oppio Caffè Via delle Terme di Tito, 72 Colosseo, Roma
This café not only has the best view of the Colosseo, it also has the …