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Quintessentially Hawaiian

Waikiki  Beach . While many visitors to Hawaii complain that Waikiki is way too crowded, there are many others who love to be in the thick of things. Waikiki is the place to walk on the beach, people watch, have a sunset drink, try surfboarding for the first time and shop, shop, shop. ABC Stores . Speaking of shopping, you'll find most of the things you need and more at the ubiquitous ABC Stores.  Aloha shirts . The most trendy aloha shirts are sold by Tori Richards and Reyn's. Reyn's made the faded look chic with its reverse printed shirts. You can also buy aloha shirts for a good deal less at the Flea Market at the Stadium. It's open on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. The Hula . The hula tells a story so the dancer must be a good storyteller. This song tells it all, "Lovely hula hands, graceful as the bird in motion".  Ukelele . The hula is only complete when the dancers are accompanied by a trio of singers, one of whom plays the ukelele.  Duk