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The New York Times' 31 Places to Go in 2010

The Strip, Las Vegas And now the much awaited list of places to go in 2010 from The New York Times is out and here are their top 10 picks: 1. Sri Lanka 2. Patagonia Wine Country 3. Seoul 4. Mysore 5. Copenhagen 6. Koh Kood 7. Damascus 8. Cesme 9. Antarctica 10. Leipzig Also making the list are Los Angeles and Las Vegas, Istanbul which is the 2010 European Capital of Culture, South Africa where the 2010 World Cup games will be held, and Shanghai, the site of Expo 2010. Frommer's and NY Times both include Copenhagen (the venue of the recently concluded Climate Change Conference) on their lists while Las Vegas appears on both the Lonely Planet and NY Times lists. It's interesting to note that the NY Times list of destinations has been pared down from 44 in 2009 to just 31 in 2010. It gives us more time to immerse ourselves in the cultures of these recommended destinations if we are lucky enough to see all of them in 2010. Happy travels! For the complete list of the