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The Painted Pipes of Fairbanks

Marilyn with Bunny Boots, David Hayden. Noble Street and 2nd Avenue These ventilation pipes  provide fresh air intake for utilidors (utility corridor) that run under the streets of downtown Fairbanks. Thirteen of these pipes have been artistically painted by local artists for Paint the Pipes which is a joint project of the Downtown Association of Fairbanks and Project Fairbanks. Sadly, the original Marilyn pipe was vandalized in May 2018. Marilyn Pipes Up was sprayed with green paint. The culprit/culprits were never caught. The artist had spent 40 hours to paint the pipe in 2012 only to see it trashed a few years later. But he repainted Marilyn (with the help of sponsors) and added something new - the bunny boots!    Lingonberry Love, Gail Priday. Griffin Park towards Chena River. Priday loves picking lingonberries. And what better way to show this love for the fruit than to render it in color on this pipe.   Fairbanks, Mica Fairchild. 5th Avenue between Cushman and Barnette Streets Th