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The Art of Bodypaint

Photos courtesy of Francis Abelgas

Discovering J. Torrents Lladό

The home and studio of J. Torrents Lladό contains around 100 of his works as well as his personal belongings. There is a stunning courtyard garden. It is located at C/ de la Portella 9, Palma de Mallorca, Spain.  ***** Photo by TravelswithCharie

Comemos! España

Madrid La Barraca - Calle Reina, off Gran Via Best place for authentic paella. Beautiful dining rooms and private rooms available for groups (There were 7 of us). Miau - Plaza San Angel Great tapas bar. Try their selection of canapés. We thought we overordered but ended up finishing everything but the torta de patatas which was too much for 5 people. Meson de la Guitarra - Calle San Miguel Good selection of tapas. Receives quite a crowd. Guitarist plays all evening but we also were entertained by guest diners who brought their own guitars. Cave setting. La Mallorquina - Puerta del Sol Selection of pastries from 1 euro. I particularly like the hojaldre and neapolitana (with choice of fillings). Segovia Meson del Candido - in front of the aqueduct The roasted suckling baby pig is the house specialty. It is moist and tender. Quite tasty. Sevilla El Alabardero - Calle Zaragoza Best dining in Spain. Loved the arroz in langoustine sauce, marinated skewered fish, and pastel of white asparagu

Where's the legroom?

This is the toilet at one of the hotels where I stayed in Spain. It had me pondering not only about how to get my left leg into the incredibly tight space (I couldn't) but also how this was conceived and by who. And most importantly, who approved this? Even Twiggy couldn't slide her leg in there. If you exclaim, "Oh *&%#!", you wouldn't be out of line. This gives me a new appreciation of airline seats in cattle class. * * * Photo by Rosario Charie Albar

Month of Festivals

We are in Madrid during the height of the bicentennial celebrations of the city. Concert stages have been erected in various plazas and we had the chance to listen to rehearsals at Plaza Mayor while dining at an outdoor cafe. There are people everywhere especially at Puerta del Sol where it´s nearly impossible to get around without running into someone. There´s music in the air courtesy of street performers. We´ve listened to mariachi bands and Peruvian groups as well as classical violinists. We´ve stopped to watch human statues that suddenly move when you place money into their pots. A sexy lady will sway her hips and raise her skirt when she receives a little dinero and a cowboy all in black will swing his gun for the ladies. We´ve enjoyed the tapas bars with the array of hors d´ouevres like chorizo, queso de manchego, oliva, croquetas de jamon, torta de patatas and so much more, washed down with sangria or vino dulce while the men drink draft beer. We ate the best paella at La Bar