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Shkodër and the legend of Rozafa Castle

Shkodër Lake Fun facts about the city of Shkodër or Skodra (local name) 1. Shkodër has been around for at least 2200 years!  2. It’s the fifth largest city in Albania with a comparatively small population of  88,000*. 3. It’s only 90 km (55 miles) from Tirana or 1.5 hours by car. 4. You can hangout at Kolë Idromeno Street or lakeside in the village of Shiroka. 5. If art moves you, there are intriguing sculptures at the city park.  Have you seen an artwork made of artillery shells? You’ll find it in Shkodër. 6. If you’re interested in history, there’s  a rare collection of photographs from the 1850s onward of the cultural, social and political history of Albania at the Marubi Photography museum. 7. Albania shares Shkodër Lake with Montenegro where 2/3 of the lake ripple under blue skies. 8.  The Montenegrin border is just a few miles away from Shkodër and you can get a glimpse of its mountains across the lake. 9. Shkodër is the gateway to the Albanian Alps (Accursed Mountains). 10. Acco