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Rue Crémieux

Rue Crémieux It’s as if I’m going out again with my old lover. I’m discovering new things about him that I wasn’t aware of before. That’s how I feel about my love affair with Paris . Case in point: Rue Crémieux. Rue  Crémieux  is a sleeping beauty with its cobblestone street, pastel painted fa ç ades, thoughtful murals, potted plants and an air of unhurried pace amidst the bustling Gare de Lyon area.   The concerted efforts of the residents of Rue  Crémieux  to beautify their neighborhood is cause for applause. This is what happens when neighbors commit themselves to a worthy and far reaching goal. I love the illusion of a tree straddling the house as if it always belonged there. Notice the murals on this house. These well thought out personal touches define this neighborhood. To get to Rue  Crémieux, take the metro to Gare de Lyon. Walk down a few blocks along Rue de Lyon which is across from the station and Rue  Crémieux will be on your left side.