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Piacere Restaurant

The Calabro fresh mozarella with sun dried tomato tapenade sprinkled with extra virgin olive oil is every bite as tasty as it looks. I ate the cheese by itself and then paired with the Roma tomato. I like how I can roll the cheese in my palate and slowly taste its soft creamy consistency. I'm glad I chose this over a leafy salad. I wanted to try the Gnocchi but the choice of salmon with horseradish crust with herbed crème fraiche was a good one. The salmon was thick and juicy. For dessert, I opted for the strawberry shortcake with whipped crème fraiche and balsamic reduction. Too rich but it's okay to indulge once in a while. We were celebrating the arrival of my officemate's wife after a year and a half long wait for the approval of her visa. Piacere is located at 727 Laurel Street in San Carlos, California. Bon Appetito! * * * Photos by Charie

Ordering food in Japan

I've been studying the Japanese language while driving between home and work for the last year since I got my Pimsleur CD's. But I'm not there yet. That is, I don't know enough Japanese to order from a menu. My very limited knowledge of the language is no hindrance though from enjoying Japanese cuisine when I can point to a plastic replica of what is served in the restaurant. How about a shrimp tempura with a bowl of rice, soup and tea? All for 1430 yen. The window display above shows a variety of enticing dishes. Surely one of these will whet your appetite. As for drinks, Japan is a country of vending machines. When traveling in Japan you're never far away from ice cold water or your favorite soft drink or juice. Another way to find the best meals is by checking out the food counters at various department stores. There's usually an incredible array of selections that you might feel a little overwhelmed, in a good way. Take your time and let your eyes have

The Butterflies of John Alaban

Butterfly Series 3 I met John Alaban recently at the Roxas City Museum and was impressed by the Butterfly series of paintings he's currently working on. He's planning on portraying 50 different species of butterflies found in Capiz, which by the way, he is breeding. The painting above is the third of the series and more are on the way. What caught my eye about this painting is the three dimensional head of the "diwata" or goddess. Her hair looks like rice noodles but John explained that the hair and head are made from dental materials and will stand the rigors of exposure to heat and other detrimental elements. John is multi talented. He's also a sculptor and muralist. One of his murals can be viewed at Gaisano City Mall in Roxas City. * * * Photos by TravelswithCharie

Introducing Pauline Charlton

"Release the Day" 12" x 12", acrylic on stretched canvas This is my favorite of Pauline Charlton's new works. I'm drawn by the hot and intense colors that lead the eye to follow the road to the far horizon. Notice how she uses lines to sharpen perspective. "Surrender the Morning" 12" by 12", acrylic on stretched canvas Pauline is dabbling into a new style for her. She's been painting landscapes for many years. In Surrender the Morning , notice the geometric sketches of mountains and cliffs in the background while in the foreground, she arranges brush and dried grass in the same manner. "Winter's Breath" 12" x 12", acrylic on stretched canvas Love the colors of this painting which is suggestive of modern day artists like Pollock and others of the genre. Note the use of pastel hues for the background to convey the feel of the season. "Eye of the Storm" 16" by 16", acrylic on stretched canvas