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Niš, an ancient Roman city

Niš (pronounced Neesh) was a thriving Roman city called Naissus in the second century AD. Traces of Roman occupation are evident in these Roman baths found inside Niš Fortress.  Constantine the Great was born in Niš around 280AD. (Together with Licinius, they signed the Edict of Milan in 313AD which proclaimed religious toleration within the Roman Empire and decriminalized Christianity.) The ruins from his villa in Mediana, about 7 km from the city center, is now open to the public after years of restoration. Floor mosaics of varying geometrical designs run the length of the 40-hectare property. Various artifacts from the archeological excavation are on display in the museum as well as fine floor mosaics that were in the villa of the Emperor. See my article about the Constantine’s Villa here: The remains of an Early Byzantine street from the 5th-6th century was excavated in 1962. It was one of the main st