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'Tis the season

Fresh Spring Rolls What can be better than getting together for a special lunch or dinner during the holidays? Good food and warm company are the best of friends and bonding is easier at the dinner table. Salt and Pepper Calamari We had our Christmas family reunion at Chez Saigon in Belmont this week. Everyone raved about the food and the attentive service. Not hard to imagine with these images! Crispy Spring Rolls My favorite dishes were the seafood pho and the spicy Japanese diced eggplant prepared with scallions, coconut milk, and onions. We requested a milder version and it was a mouth watering revelation. Thank you, Lord, for the gift of family and the bountiful feast. "God bless us everyone." Chez Saigon is on El Camino Real in Belmont, California. * * * Photos by Rosario Charie Albar