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2020 Takeaways

The Year Time Stood Still The year is almost gone And what have I done? Did I waste the time away And left things in disarray? Because I chose to play. There’s just days to go Better write a list to do Before we say adieu And remember to thank Godot For the bad and the beau. TravelswithCharie I had so many planned travels in 2020. In fact my suitcase was packed for a trip to the Philippines the last week of January. My cottage there was partially destroyed by a typhoon and I had repairs to see to. But the suitcase with presents for friends and family never took flight. Covid-19 ruled our lives.  Among the things I had packed were boxes of chocolates I had bought to give as gifts. I ended up eating all of them rather than have them expire. Reading, meditating while basking in the sun, and learning to prepare new dishes became my support system as were calls from relatives and friends and the “care” packages my sister sent to me.  My cousin introduced me to Instacart so I didn’t have to

It is the birthday of thy King

Awake, glad heart! Get up and sing! It is the birthday of thy King! Awake, awake! The sun doth shake Light from his locks and all the way Breathing perfumes, doth spice the day. Excerpt from Christ’s Nativity by Henry Vaughan  ****** Image by TravelswithCharie