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Artzuid 2021

The Thinker, Joseph Klibansky Artzuid Sculpture Biennale formally opens on July 1st in Amsterdam. This outdoor sculpture exhibition features 50 works by international artists and local Dutch talents. There are works by Jaume Plensa, Joseph Klibansky and KAWS, among others, installed along a 5-kilometer stretch in Amsterdam Zuid. Artzuid 2021 runs through October 17, 2021.  Here are some of the pieces that I was lucky to see prior to the July 1st opening. Dragers van Verre. Nelson Carrilho. 1989 Pickle. Sarah Lucas  The Big Traveler, The Big Watcher. Jean Marie Appriou KAWS with the Rijksmuseum in the background. La Forêt Noire. Jaume Plensa. 2019 La Forêt Noire. Jaume Plensa. 2019 La Forêt Noire. Jaume Plensa. 2019 Sisters. Marieke Bolhuis. 2021 Sisters. Marieke Bolhuis. 2021   Sisters. Marieke Bolhuis. 2021   Sisters. Marieke Bolhuis. 2021 Utopia. Atelier van Lieshout. 2020 Roaming Russia II. Ursula von Rydingsvard. 2019 Darwin. Atelier van Lieshout. 2008 Liberty for all. Fernando San

Say Cheese

At the Hilmar Cheese Company, learn all about cheese making and then some.  From the cow To the processing plant To your table It’s the story you’ll want to hear about and savor. And take home with you. Cheese is actually good for you. It’s rich in calcium and protein. Hilmar also has a café. My favorite is their Bacon me crazy grilled cheese sandwich. It’s so good! Check out their menu here: Hilmar  Cheese Company 9001 North Lander Avenue, Hilmar, California (off State Highway 99) ***** Images by TravelswithCharie

Lavender Fields Forever

Love lavender. It makes my clothes smell heavenly. It has a soothing effect. It also has culinary uses. Have you ever tried lavender flavored muffins or cakes? Yum! Mid-June is a good time to visit a lavender field. The color of the lavender flowers are just turning a deep purple. The varying hues of the lavender field also depends on sunlight. If you’re taking photographs, it’s best to take them from different directions and perspectives to catch the best light. Pageo Farms is on 11573 Golf Link Road in Turlock, California. It’s off of Highway 99 between Modesto and Merced in the Central Valley. They have a shop full of everything lavender including scented soaps, essential oil, lotion, body gel, sachets, spices and knick knacks. Check their website for more information: ***** Images by TravelswithCharie 

Soumenlinna Fortress

  During its wars against Russia in the 1700s, the Swedish Parliament believed it necessary to build a fortress to reinforce its defenses and establish a naval base in Helsinki. Construction of the fortification started in 1748 on the Susiloudot Islands (now Soumenlinna) off Helsinki. They named the fortress, Sveaborg (Castle of the Swedes). Suomenlinna is a group of rocky islands connected by bridges. It has seen a succession of foreign occupation from the Swedes to the Russians before finally becoming a part of an independent Finland. Soumenlinna Church was built in 1854 as a Russian Orthodox garrison church. It was converted to the Evangelical Lutheran Church when Finland gained independence in 1917 and took ownership of Soumenlinna in 1918. The steeple is also a lighthouse for air and sea traffic. The Great Courtyard was designed by Augustin Ehrensvärd and it was the main square and administrative center of Soumenlinna since the 1760s. Ehrensvärd is laid to rest in the center of th