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Shopping at Fantastic Indoor Swap Meet

Aisle from main entrance I had heard a lot about Fantastic Indoor Flea Market but never had the chance to check it out on previous visits to Las Vegas. But this month a friend and I decided to  go and find out what the hype was all about. The temperature in July soars past the century mark in Vegas but the flea market was cool and pleasant. It wasn’t crowded on a Friday morning so we leisurely examined the displays of merchandise before stopping at a little café at the back of the market for some churros and cold drinks. They also serve empanadas and tacos which the  customer seated at the table beside us only had the highest praises for. Clothing stalls I was looking for T-shirts with the old Las Vegas slogan, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. There were several stalls selling these for 3 for $11 or $12 but the sizes were not available. Also some of the t-shirt fabrics were thin and not good quality.  Hats and bags We found the hats reasonably priced. As an example, the Panama

Bellagio presents the Grandeur of Nature

The theme of this year’s summer floral display is about the grandeur of nature. Thousand of flowers and potted plants make up this evocative show to remind us the “intricate and wondrous diversity of nature”. These 28-foot tall hands represent “environmental stewardship, partnership and renewal”. The colors of this wisteria tree is so arresting, you are immediately drawn to it.  Mythical characters and fountains round up the features of the Summer display. The Summer floral display (which is free to the public) will end on September 9.  Bellagio Hotel and Casino 3600 S. Las Vegas Blvd. ***** Images by TravelswithCharie   

Seven Magic Mountains, between desert and city lights

  Ten minutes south of Las Vegas in the Ivanpah Valley are these monumental stacked boulders, Seven Magic Mountains, the creation of Swiss artist, Ugo Rondinone. This is a site specific desert art installation. The boulders weigh several hundred tons each and rise to more than 30 feet. Visitors hanging around the base more clearly define the height of these stacks. Several mountain ranges provide a stark background to the colorful totem stacks which is why Seven Magic Mountains draw many visitors to this isolated corner of Nevada. Visitors appreciate the beauty of the surrounding landscape.  Rondinone refers to Seven Magic Mountains as “an artwork of thresholds and crossings, of seclusion and gathering, of balanced marvels and excessive colors, and the contrary air between desert and city lights.” How to get there: Take Highway 15 south from Las Vegas and exit at Sloan Road (Exit 25). Turn left (east) to Las Vegas Blvd and continue for 7  miles until you see the artworks which will be

Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas

Only 20 minutes from your favorite casino on Las Vegas Boulevard, Red Rock Canyon can’t be missed especially when you need a breather . The natural scenery and wide open spaces are spectacular and if Instagram is your photo album, there are lots of photo ops here to impress your followers.   The one way, 13-mile scenic drive is a paved road with lots of overlooks to get up close to the rock formations formed millions of years ago. The Park has 26 numbered trails if you like to hike. You can also go horseback riding or mountain biking as well as rock climbing. The Visitor Center has a lot of information about the evolution of Red Rock Canyon and the flora and wildlife that inhabit its terrain. Pick up your scenic map and trail guide there before you start your scenic drive. Don’t forget to look for desert tortoises in the canyon. Turtlehead Peak in the background There’s a trail here that goes to Turtlehead Peak and Calico Tanks Calico Hills Calico Hills Overlook The reddish color of

2010 Travel Highlights

Zion National Park, Utah        Poulnabrone, Western Ireland                                                         City Center, Las Vegas  In 2010 I traveled to (what for me) were uncharted territories like Western Ireland, El Nido Resorts, Palawan, and Zion National Park. I was awed by the incredible natural scenery of these places. In Roxas City, I was moved by the schoolchildren at Conrado Barrios Elementary School who were wonderfully responsive during our impromptu Q&A and how happy they were with the prizes they received for giving the correct answer to our math and history questions. We marveled at the works of art at the Aria Hotel and City Center in Las Vegas. In Tokyo, I learned to go around town by using the subway system and it felt terrific to explore confidently and have no worries about getting lost in this mega city. And in Ko Olina and Lake Tahoe, I understood what it means to slow down and take notice of the beauty and serenity

Lake Tahoe Weekend

Sand Harbor beach overlooking snow capped mountains It's been  ages since I've been up to Lake Tahoe. I'm glad the entire brood went and surprise, not much has changed! The lake is still clean and clear and, according to Guest Magazine, the water in the lake is 99.7% pure or about as pure as distilled water. Lake Tahoe is an alpine lake, sitting at over 6,000 feet above sea level.  It's 22 miles long and 12 miles wide. The drive around the lake is simply breathtaking, as cliché as that may sound. The photo above illustrates the purity of the lake which magnifies the gradations of colors. Carefully traipsing over rocks and boulders on a peaceful Saturday afternoon in early June.  The beach,coves and trails are for the lucky few who want to enjoy nature at its very best. In the summer months, Sand Harbor presents the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival. For more info call 1800-747-4697.  Sand Harbor is on Highway 28. *  *  * Images by Charie

Yeah Vegas!

by Rosario Charie Albar Las Vegas never fails to entertain. Even the non gambler will find an embarrassment of things to do starting with a relaxing day at the spa, a visit to one of several art museums, watching free Strip shows like the dancing fountains at Bellagio or the volcanic eruption at the Mirage, shopping at Caesar’s Forum Shops or at Fashion Mall, ATV driving across the Nevada wilderness, or indulging the palate at one of many fine restaurants like Postrio or Spago’s. During the holidays there are the added attractions of gingerbread houses, Christmas décor that would please Santa, the kids and the child in all of us and techno lighted tannenbaum rivaling the colorful neon lights of the Vegas skyline. All these make strolling along the Strip at night a must for all visitors. I had a lot of fun running around town before year’s end. It was special to get together with friends and relatives and personally wish them a prosperous new year, che ck out the winter themed decoratio