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Our Lady of the Rocks

Ceiling of Our Lady of the Rocks Church Gospa od Skrpjela or Our Lady of the Rocks island is an artificial islet on Kotor Bay. Local lore tells the story of two fishermen who found an icon of the Madonna and Child on a rock in the bay and vowed to build a church where they had found it. From 1452 onward, seamen from Perast and Kotor brought large stones to the site to build up the islet.  Today, the tradition of bringing stones to the island continues with the  fašinada  which is celebrated annually at sunset on July 22. Madonna and Child, Lovro Dovričević, 15th century Altar by Antonio Capelano, Carrara marble A Roman Catholic chapel was built on the islet in 1630. The church we see today is from 1722.   Mary on her deathbed Many frescoes in the Church were painted by Tripo Kokolja, an artist from Perast. Choir   Notice the silver votive tablets that were offered by sailors to the Virgin Mary for a safe journey. Hundreds of these votives adorn the church. There is a museum adjacent to