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Beware these Travel Scams

I've been the victim of expensive taxi drivers in Rome, Paris and Vienna even though the taxi or airport shuttle was ordered by the hotel. And I've been surrounded by gypsy children at the Jardin des Tuileries in Paris who I thought were so sweet and cute without realizing they were opening my handbag until a companion forcefully told them to go away. And recently in Italy, inside the train on our way to Rome from Padua, both of my cousins were pickpocketed as they were trying to put our luggage in the storage bins. No one is exempt from these scams, not even seasoned travelers.  J ust the Flight details 40 scams to avoid in various situations: On the street Travelling (by car, bus, train or taxi) Shops and Services Locals and Children Check out this link: Forewarned is forewarmed. *  *  *