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Perigee Moons of 2014

July 12, 2014 What a year it has been for skywatchers. The night sky was ablaze with three perigee moons and two blood moons. It was a challenge to get a photo of la pleine lune  with my simple IPhone camera. I wanted to record a "bigger than life" moon (that's why they're called supermoon) but the zoom feature couldn't really do the job. (I need a DSLR camera.) Here are some impressions from my IPhone and IPad cameras anyway. August 10, 2014, early evening August 10, 2014, against the black of night September 9, 2014 I missed the blood moon and the lunar eclipse on October 8th. Below is a photo I took from the park during my late afternoon walk on the 7th. October 7, 2014  Obviously I was over the moon to have witnessed these natural phenomena. "Tell me the story About how the sun loved the moon so much That she died every night Just to let him breathe." Hanako Ishii *  *  * Images by TravelswithCharie