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Desde Guadalajara

Fish Ceviche At Marisco Progreso in Tlaquepaque, Guadalajara, the food was as good as the images suggest here. My favorite was the fish ceviche followed closely by the empanadas de camaron (shrimp). These were the appetizers. I learned to put some ceviche on my tostada so that it was a dish by itself. I liked the crisp tostadas which come with saladitas (crackers) and are on every table. Empanadas de Camaron My own entrée of salmon a brasas (salmon grilled over hot charcoal) was average. But our friend Sergio's plate filled with steak arrachera was a winner from the looks of the remains . Steak Arrachera There were mariachi bands to entertain and where families were celebrating an important event, they were in great demand. After such a lunch, it was imperative to go for a walk. I totally overate. * * * View My Saved Places in a larger map Images by Charie