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Fish pedicures may spawn bacterial infections

Late last year I finally had a fish pedicure after hearing my friends talking about their fish spa experiences. I didn't think I would last more than a minute in the pond when the tiny fishes started attacking my big feet. It felt menacing at first when the hungry fishes covered my feet with their sharp kisses. It took a few minutes to warm up to them but just as I was getting comfortable, they lost interest and nibbled my feet only halfheartedly then swam away. In an article posted by Inhabitat last week, The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns against the possibility of bacterial infections from these fish pedicures particularly for people who have an open sore, skin cuts or have medical conditions such as diabetes, AIDS, cancer or advanced age.  For more on the article, here's the link: *  *  * Image by Charie