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The City of Light

La Tour Eiffel I am a poor map reader. No matter how much I check my directions, I still get lost. So I have to ask someone to tell me how to get back to St. Sulpice as I did this evening. The young lady was apologetic that she didn't know how to get there and how charming the French are when they apologize. If I know how to translate correctly, I heard her say to excuse her for her "bêtise", or stupidity for not knowing where the street or landmark in question might be. This is the second time I heard this since I arrived in Paris. Each time I'd asked for directions, the people I asked didn't know where to direct me to as they were just as lost as I was. Paris is a big city after all. Place de la Concorde But what a good thing I was lost tonight because I discovered the City of Light. This is serendipity. The Seine at night La Madeleine Bonne soirée! * * * Photos by Charie