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The Art of Origami - At Narita Airport

In between flights at Narita Airport recently, I walked into this shop with interesting displays of origami art. The word, origami, derived from oru and kami means fold and paper respectively. But there's more to this than merely folding. I tried to follow the instructions on basic folding and couldn't get past the reverse inside and outside fold.  Imagine the work it entails to do the pond with the bridge and foliage seen below! Or the temple and garden.  There are thousands of tiny pieces of colorful folded paper in these works. Only an artist with an eye for detail and loads of patience can achieve these results. How much time it takes to complete one of these displays is anyone's guess. But it's a treat to see these well thought out displays of origami art. This is not just for children to enjoy but for big kids as well.   For help on getting started in origami, try .   *  *  * Images by Charie