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Yosemite in Winter
January by John Updike
The days are short
The sun a spark Hung thin between The dark and dark
Fat snowy footsteps Track the floor Milk bottles burst Outside the door
The river is A frozen place Held still beneath The trees of lace
The sky is low The wind is gray The radiator Purrs all day.
*   *   *
Image by TravelswithCharie

We Mourn the Loss of Lives

We mourn the loss of lives in the recent terror attack at Charlie Hebdo and the taking of hostages at a kosher supermarket, both incidents in Paris.  We pray for the victims and their families and for peace and tolerance in our increasingly fragile world.  
*   *   *
Image by TravelswithCharie

Top Travel Destinations in 2015

Milan Cathedral, Milan 
New York Times 52 Places to Go in 2015
Milan, Cuba, Philadelphia, Yellowstone National Park, Elqui Valley in Chile, Singapore, Bolivia, Faroe Islands, Macedonia For more of the 52 Places to Go in 2015 check this link:
Lonely Planet Top 10 Countries
El Nido, Philippines
Singapore, Namibia, Lithuania, Nicaragua, Republic of Congo, Serbia, Ireland, Philippines, St. Lucia, Morocco
For more on these countries and other top travel lists from Lonely Planet click here:
National Geographic Best Trips 2015
Mont St. Michel, France
Corsica Medellin, Colombia Koyasan, Japan Maramures, Romania Haida Gwaii off the coast of British Columbia  Oklahoma City Tunis, Tunisia Choquequirao, Peru Sark, Channel Islands H…

Happy 2015!

Wishing all of you a happy and safe crossover to 2015!
* * *
Image by TravelswithCharie