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The Endemic Flora of Cuartero

Tungaw-Tungaw Kristine Rose M. Fabuna Acrylic on canvas, 2021 "Sang una nga panahon kun kami ara sa talon Litik-litik sang Tungaw-Tungaw amon ginakaun Para maka sapin-sapin Sang amon nga gutom." Translation :  "Once upon a time when we were in the forest We ate shredded tungaw-tungaw  To satisfy our hunger." The Endemic Flora of Cuartero paintings were created by the students of Cuartero National High School in Capiz under the Special Program in the Arts project entitled: Dunang Maduagon ,  A Visual Documentation of Cuartero Endemic Flora. Dunang maduagon means naturally colorful. The goals of the thesis and study were to bring to light various flora endemic in the municipality and make the community aware of their importance and uses. Furthermore, the study sought to provide not only written documentation but also visual representation of the flora through these paintings. Mrs. Roda Henorga was the Thesis/Production Adviser and Ramie Capuyan was the Program Head,