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Photographing the Arc de Triomphe

This first photo was taken from the bottom of the Champs Elysées. I stood on the center divide while waiting for the light to turn green to cross to the other side. The Arc is just a dot in the distance. Halfway up the Champs Elysées, I got a closer and better view of the Arc than the first take. At this juncture, the features of the Arc are visible to the eye. And the headlights from passing cars add an ethereal beauty to the scene. This last image was taken right in front of the Arc de Triomphe. It's a hairy experience with cars whizzing past in both directions. There's a narrow 3 feet margin of safety for the photographer to take a souvenir shot without stepping into no man's land. * * * Photos by Charie

McCafé Fare

Pastry and cake counter at McDonald's, Paris The McDonald's Restaurant on the Champs Elysées is one of the best spots for people watching in Paris. It has a second floor seating area with a glass window overlooking the celebrated Arc de Triomphe. It helps to attract the number of pedestrian traffic but I think its dessert offerings from its McCafé section will keep visitors coming. Check out the photo of the pastry and cake selections. There are colorful macaroons (that appear like the big sisters of M&M chocolates), flan, various tartelettes (with apples, custard, with nuts) , and tiramisu. Mmmm! I chose a raisin pastry and a viennoise au chocolat . Responding to local cultural sensitivities, McDonald's restaurants in Europe have toned down golden arches signs. It helps to be understated in places like Paris where cuisine is elevated to an art form and worshipped and fast food is frowned upon. By the way, the McCafés I've been to in Italy, Spain and France do attr