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Cherished Images of Hanoi

This Hop On, Hop Off tour bus was all bedecked in flowers to honor International Women’s Day. We should celebrate Women’s Day everyday, don’t you think? Incidentally, the Hop On Hop Off tour bus is a great way to see any city. The ticket is usually good for 24 hours and you can hop on again the next day and see the places you missed the previous day. It is also a solo traveler’s best and sometimes only choice when booking any other sightseeing tour and the tour operator expects or requires a booking for a minimum of two persons. These flower vendors don’t need a kiosk to sell their colorful bouquets. And they can go around town with their haul behind their backs to reach more customers. Hoàn Kiem Lake or Sword Lake is wrapped in legend involving a king, a giant turtle and a sword. Today it is an area of calm in this bustling city.  Life along the railroad tracks is as normal as can be with laundry hanging from the balconies, gossiping neighbors in front of their houses, tourists drinki

Seven Magic Mountains, between desert and city lights

  Ten minutes south of Las Vegas in the Ivanpah Valley are these monumental stacked boulders, Seven Magic Mountains, the creation of Swiss artist, Ugo Rondinone. This is a site specific desert art installation. The boulders weigh several hundred tons each and rise to more than 30 feet. Visitors hanging around the base more clearly define the height of these stacks. Several mountain ranges provide a stark background to the colorful totem stacks which is why Seven Magic Mountains draw many visitors to this isolated corner of Nevada. Visitors appreciate the beauty of the surrounding landscape.  Rondinone refers to Seven Magic Mountains as “an artwork of thresholds and crossings, of seclusion and gathering, of balanced marvels and excessive colors, and the contrary air between desert and city lights.” How to get there: Take Highway 15 south from Las Vegas and exit at Sloan Road (Exit 25). Turn left (east) to Las Vegas Blvd and continue for 7  miles until you see the artworks which will be


Fat Convertible. Erwin Wurm. 2019 ARTZUID, the Amsterdam Sculpture Biennale is my favorite art exposition in the world. It’s a free outdoor exhibition in the park surrounding Apollolaan and Minervalaan neighborhoods of Amsterdam with 50 sculptural works by established international artists as well as young upcoming artists. This year’s edition includes works by Jean Dubuffet, David Hockney and Robert Indiana. The sculptural pieces are fun, whimsical, playful, colorful and often leaves one to contemplate on the intent of the artist in the creation process. These works are meant to draw and engage young visitors to the exhibition. According to Jasper Krabbé, curator of Artzuid 2023, “Art connects. We would like to involve young people in the plan. Many are struggling and art can be an antidote to the current polarisation, extreme individualisation and the uncertainty fuelled by social media. I hope that at ARTZUID we can reach young people through the influences of street art, neo-pop ar