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A Halloween Adventure

by Rosario Charie Albar The night was dark and dreary I was tired and weary The air was far from cheery I felt a little leery. I heard a faint knock, knock Like the tick tock of a clock Not the pounding of a rock But the turning of a lock. I went to open the door And beheld not one but four And in the distance many more Ghosts so scary I fainted on the floor. "Come with us for a jaunt" "To places we will haunt" I cowered and said "please don't" But they dragged me as was their wont. Our first stop was at a bar Where men were drinking by the jar Ghosts appeared and it was war But the drunks merely laughed har, har, har. To a parked car we went Where love was heavenly sent The ghosts screeched and gave full vent But the lovers were to each only intent. Then we crashed into a party Kids in costumes how teenie boppy The ghosts in unison howled eerily "Cool" said the kids and danced merrily. The night was being pared Yet not one victim