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Nevermore Academy

   Nevermore Academy I had never heard about Wednesday nor Nevermore Academy until recently through a post on Instagram where I discovered that the filming location is in Romania. As it turned out, the Academy was on our way to Brașov and I had a glimpse of it. Since then, I have checked out the series, Wednesday, and found that this is about the daughter of the Addams Family. I enjoyed watching the Addams Family as a kid and was intrigued by the adventures of Wednesday. I haven’t watched all the episodes of Season 1 yet but look forward to watching them soon. It’s so popular that Netflix announced a Season 2 is coming soon.  The Cantacuzino Castle (Nevermore Academy) was the summer home of Prince Gheorghe Grigore Cantacuzino, a wealthy aristocrat and politician who died two years after the manor was completed. The manor is now owned by a German lawyer and property developer who is awaiting government approval for the transformation of the property to a golf and ski resort. The Castle