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Constanța and the Black Sea

A beach in Mamaia  It was Friday in mid-September. School had just started in Romania and the kids were deep into their books. The summer crowds had gone home. The umbrellas at beaches along the coast of the Black Sea were mostly folded up and the scene in front of me was one of abandonment. A welcome site, I might add. As I walked (with my Sketchers on) and sunk deeply into the warm sand, the sound of waves kissing the shore gave me the calm I needed after a week long road-trip in Northern Romania, Ukraine and Moldova. I was connected once again to my roots. I grew up by the sea on the other side of the world and I always return to the sea to rejuvenate my spirit and get a fresh start. This poem (I wrote it  a while ago) mirrors how I felt when strolling on the beach. I grew up by the sea It’s always with me No matter where I go I hear its warm hello. It’s been too long Since I heard her song  Seeing her today Never far will I stray. There are many beaches in Mamaia, a suburb of Const