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Sweet and Saucy Pancakes from Paris 2022

Quéquette and foufoune Laquéquetterie opened in Paris in 2020 at the height of the pandemic and has since become the favorite pancake shop in Paris judging by the line of people outside its doors waiting to devour these naughty pancakes. And they are delicious as well! The menu offers a choice of quequettes and foufounes. Shown above is the Black and White quequette which is covered with dark and white chocolate. The foufoune has strawberries and chocolate. You can add toppings or ice cream to your pancake for an additional charge. Both of the pancakes I bought cost €12 plus €1 euro for the takeaway box (I ate my pancakes at my hotel as I had some sightseeing to do.) The shop also offers milkshakes in a variety of flavors. Check out the menu here: To take out or to lick? I saw several customers lick their quequettes in front of the shop. If you’re modest, you might wait till you get home to lick it t