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I only have eyes for Sibiu

The Lower Town from the Bridge of Lies Romania has been on my travel bucket list for some time and finally in May of this year, my dream happened! I made a list of the places I wanted to see while in Romania and researched ways to get there but didn’t have a viable plan before I left home. When I arrived in Bucharest I finally weighed all the options and it looked bleak. Then I found Nicolas Experience Tours on Trip Advisor. What a relief it was that Nicolas was available to take me to all the cities on my list! Sibiu caught my eye from the get go. Why did this town appeal to me the most? The images below will shed light on why I only have “eyes” for Sibiu. Piața Mare or Grand Square with Sibiu City Hall and the Church of the Holy Trinity in the background What struck me about this square as we entered it from Nicolae Balcescu street was how expansive it is. There’s so much space to roam around and admire the centuries old  buildings dipped in pastel hues that surround  the  Piața  Ma

6 Hours in Lucerne

Sometimes when you revisit a place after many years of absence, you are disappointed because it is no longer what you remember it to be. I find this to be true of many cities in Europe where overtourism has transformed these once peaceful towns.  It doesn’t mean these places have lost their charm. It’s still there but it is a bit challenging to appreciate what you see when there are so many people around you (even in November) and the cacophony of herded tourist groups makes you want to run in the opposite direction. But that’s just my view. It’s been nearly two decades since I was in Lucerne where I had walked around the quiet city streets and ended up at the beautiful Jesuit Church. This same Church was my first stop on a recent day trip from Zürich. And it is everything I’ve imagined since that last visit. The white walls with its Baroque ornamentation are not exuberant as other Baroque churches in Europe tend to be. Rather, the decor livens up the stark white walls. I love t