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I grew up by the sea

Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach, Oregon It’s been a year since my last trip to the beach. It felt so good to feel the sand at my feet, listen to the roar of the surf and the cry of seagulls and see the expanse of blue sky caress the ocean. White sand stretches all the way to Seaside where we stopped for lunch at a seafood restaurant. Ripples of sand flutter along the shore at the slightest breathe of summer wind.  I grew up by the sea It’s always with me No matter where I go I hear its warm hello. It’s been too long Since I’ve heard her song  Feeling her today Nevermore shall I stray. Charie Albar ***** Images by TravelswithCharie  

Sauvie Island Farms

Pick your flowers for 25 cents per stem except for sunflowers which are a dollar each at Topaz Farms. Oversized zucchini. Great for stir fry. How many different types of butter have you tried?  Halloween so soon? Pick your own pumpkin at the Pumpkin Patch Farm which will  open its patch in October. A few handpicked veggies, lots of nuts and chocolates, a blueberry preserve and bacon ketchup. Winner! How to get there:   From Portland, Take Highway 30 to Sauvie Island. About 30 minutes from Portland city center. There are many farms in the area with a variety of offerings. Pick your own berries or veggies. Check to see what each season is offering. ***** Images by TravelswithCharie 

To be in Ashland

The Elizabethan Stage, Ashland* The road to Ashland on Highway 5 is long but rewarding. The flat and uneventful terrain leads to cool, Alpine country of the Cascade range.  Mount Shasta at 14,161 ft. dominates the surrounding area with its powerful presence. It’s snowcapped summit is often shrouded by clouds. Lake Shasta, which meanders between steep hillsides and a basalt covered shoreline, is one of many lakes and rivers in this region. The solitary Black Butte dome is hard to miss as you drive up to Ashland. It rises like an Egyptian pyramid with its near perfect silhouette Ashland is a small university town with a rich cultural life. It’s Main Street is a temptation of delights and treats with art galleries, restaurants, cafés, boutiques and bookshops that invite visitors to browse and linger. Lithia Park is a 100-acre oasis smack in the center of town. Angus Bowmer, a teacher from Southern Oregon Normal School (now Southern Oregon University), had the idea to present Shakespearean