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Introducing Pauline Charlton

"Release the Day" 12" x 12", acrylic on stretched canvas This is my favorite of Pauline Charlton's new works. I'm drawn by the hot and intense colors that lead the eye to follow the road to the far horizon. Notice how she uses lines to sharpen perspective. "Surrender the Morning" 12" by 12", acrylic on stretched canvas Pauline is dabbling into a new style for her. She's been painting landscapes for many years. In Surrender the Morning , notice the geometric sketches of mountains and cliffs in the background while in the foreground, she arranges brush and dried grass in the same manner. "Winter's Breath" 12" x 12", acrylic on stretched canvas Love the colors of this painting which is suggestive of modern day artists like Pollock and others of the genre. Note the use of pastel hues for the background to convey the feel of the season. "Eye of the Storm" 16" by 16", acrylic on stretched canvas