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Where to go in 2024

Sighişoara, Romania (on Fodor's Europe Go List 2024) Have you decided yet where you’re going for vacation or R&R in 2024? If not, here are a number of lists for you to browse and mull over. Hope it helps you make a decision. Afar Magazine Where to go in 2024 The readers of Afar Magazine are seeking destinations that  offer “ample opportunities for sustainable exploration” . With this in mind, their editors have compiled a list which includes Fiji, Bhutan, Lamu in Kenya, Sidney and Seattle. Check out the full list here: American Express  2024 Trending destinations - Off the beaten path The American Express list provides alternative places to the most popular destinations in response to their customers’ preference to travel somewhere they’ve never been before. So instead of the Maldives, go to Seychelles or switch Sedona with Santa Fe and Istanbul with Bodrum. You’ll find it all here: