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Jiufen Old Street Treats

Jiufen Jiufen was once called the Golden City. It was a gold mining town in the 1890s. When gold mining declined, so did the town. Jiufen was rediscovered in 1989 when a movie, A City of Sadness, was filmed here. A 2001 Japanese animé film, Spirited Away, captivated Japanese audiences for its locale which resembles Jiufen.  Japanese tourists came and cemented Jiufen’s place as one of the top attractions of Taiwan.  Yin Yang Sea in the distance Jiufen Old Street Old Street is a long, narrow street that slopes uphill. It can be quite crowded because this is a tourist destination. I was there in late January and it was raining. Despite the lousy weather, the street was packed. At the very end of this street is a view of the houses spilling down the mountain.  A tea shop Artisanal Taiwan Boba  Bubble tea or boba was invented in Taiwan in the eighties. Hence the popularity of this drink. If you buy your boba at this store, you can rest assured the ingredients are made in the traditional met

Northern Taiwan Road Trip

  Old railroad track in Shifen  Possibly the most romantic place we visited on this road trip. You buy a lantern from one of the local merchants and write your wishes on it. Then it’s lighted and released into the sky. I think this is far more lovely than hanging a padlock on a bridge. Our lantern stuttered several times as it made its way up. I thought it would come crashing down and that would have been the end of our wishes. But after a few hiccups, it went up, up and away. Now I just have to wait and see if my wishes are granted. :) My friend, Ruby, took this photo because I left my phone camera in the car. :( Coastline of Northern Taiwan It was raining intermittently during our entire road trip to Northern Taiwan. The sea was churning and the waves were quite high in some areas.  It was beautiful to see the rugged coastline and imagine what it would be like on a clear day. Keelung Islet The little island in the distance has a lighthouse. Wanli UFO Village, New Taipei City There ar