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Paris video on YouTube

About the Vélib (from vélo for bicycle and liberté) grey bicycles with fat tires and a handy basket. You can pick one up in most neighborhoods around the city center and it's free for the first 30 minutes but there is a subscription fee and you need a credit card to secure one of these bikes. Best to consult their website for detailed instructions and bike stations. * * * Paris 2009 by TravelswithCharie

The Travel Linguist

It's always good to know a few words in the language of the country you are visiting. The locals appreciate and warm up to any attempt by a visitor to speak in their native tongue. The Travel Linguist on YouTube has short videos for learning 10 "survival" words and phrases in 15 languages including Japanese, French, Indonesian, German or Thai, to name a few. These 10 essential words and phrases are possibly enough to win friends and make your trip doubly interesting and exciting. At the very least, you'll learn how to ask, "Where's the bathroom?" And you know that's an important question after having had too much red wine in Burgundy or chai in Thailand. Here's the link: .

Traveling through YouTube

It's been a fun and creative last few weeks for me while learning how to convert my travel photos into video stills. I have 20 travel videos currently uploaded to YouTube for the vicarious traveler in you. No need to pack your bags. Just turn on your laptop or computer and link to my site: . You have a choice of destinations to visit: Spain, The Philippines, Bali, Yosemite National Park, Egypt, Lantau Island, Berlin, Italy, Prague, Amsterdam. There's also a video about food, " Eating Well in Spain ", and one on gardens, " Filoli House and Gardens ". Check out Oahu now. I hope you have as much fun watching these videos as I had creating them for you. Happy travels! * * *


Can't say enough good things about Bohol. It's hard to ignore its natural beauty, colonial history, lush tropical landscape, uncrowded beaches, all packaged in rustic simplicity. In short, this island will not remain below the radar screen for much longer. It was wise to hire a guide who drove us to the places we wanted to see. The roads to touristic spots were well paved and traveling was comfortable in the airconditioned Combi. From Tagbilaran City we went inland to gape at the Chocolate Hills. On the way we stopped at the monument of the historic blood compact between the Spaniard, Miguel Lopez de Legaspi and local leader, Datu Sikatuna. So much for pacts of friendship! History can attest to that. The man made mahogany forest is the work of one leader, a former Governor of Bohol, who cared enough about his province and his people to initiate the planting of mahogany trees covering an area that spans 2 kilometers. It's taken 40 years for these trees to mature and the area