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Panamá, Vive por Más

Panamá City Skyline Panama is a country of contrasts. Modern skyscrapers form the backdrop to 16th century ruins. Bustling traffic stands still beside a calm coastline that provides aqua therapy on the most stressful days, like before Mother’s Day. The people are friendly and always greet you with “Buenas”, the seafood is fresh and served in generous portions, and the highways and streets are clean. How about the music? I feel I could dance to that beat all night long. Si, Señor! Panamá Viejo Panama Viejo is the first permanent European settlement site on the Pacific coast. Pedro Arias de Avila and his companions settled here in 1519. The town flourished through the years and had its own Cathedral, Archbishop’s house, convents, a hospital and well drawn up streets. Fires, an earthquake and finally the attack of Welsh pirate, Henry Morgan, in 1671 razed Panama Viejo to oblivion. It was not rebuilt and was abandoned after a new city was established a short distance away in what is now, C
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The Painted Houses of Zalipie

The tradition of painting flowers on both the interior and exterior surfaces of a house started in the late 19th century in the small, rural village of Zalipie in Southern Poland. It was done primarily to cover-up soot marks. What was a simple paint job developed into colorful floral patterns.  Dog kennels are no exceptions. The back of the house is not left out. Several barns in Zalipie are also painted with flowers. I noticed that barns are painted with white flowers, perhaps in contrast to the black background. The most famous among local artists was Felicji Curiłowej. Her house is now a museum where her exuberant artistry is on display. Detail of floral pattern. Pink and blue, cute as you. Here’s another house in the Museum compound. Zalipie is a quiet village surrounded by lush, green fields. The older houses are alive with painted flowers. This well was lovingly painted. Even the fence didn’t escape the artist’s palette. I visited this property where an artist lives and which is


Starry Night over the Rhone (1888) This is a digital experience with Van Gogh's paintings projected and magnified on four walls allowing the viewer to see minute details of his artworks as they move across the surfaces to orchestrated music.  “I don’t know anything with certainty, but seeing the stars makes me dream.” Vincent The Potato Eaters (1885) Bridge in the Rain (after Hiroshige), 1887 “My studio’s quite tolerable, mainly because I’ve pinned a set of Japanese prints on the walls that I find very diverting. You know, those little female figures in gardens or on the shore, horsemen, flowers, gnarled thorn branches.” Vincent to his brother, Theo from Antwerp, November 28, 1885 Sunflowers (1888/1889) For Van Gogh, sunflowers represented gratitude. “The sunflower is mine, in a way.” Vincent The Sower (1888) Starry Night (1889) Note: the image above is part of the painting. As the images continuously flow across surfaces, I have to decide to photograph the entire image or just a s

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The Blue Church, Bratislava Tea Ritual, Vienna Street Art, Ostrava Zalipie Lady with an Ermine, Leonardo da Vinci La Quequetterie pancakes, Paris And more. Soon. Stay tuned! ***** Images by TravelswithCharie  

Costa Rican Art at The MAC

 Que Clavo! (What a nail!) Luis Tenorio Rosales, 2010, acrylic on canvas As I indicated in a previous post, this painting of the crucifixion is one of the most evocative works of art I’ve seen. The intense face of a T-shirt clad man as he nails the feet of Jesus Christ to the cross leaves no illusions that this a contemporary work of art of an age old religious subject that has roots in Christian history. Is this man just a carpenter doing his work or is he a symbol of the sins we commit everyday that lodge the nails deeper with every transgression? What a nail! Aguila (Eagle), Javier Calvo Sandi, 2017, stone The Eagle is a monument representing both the former president, Leon Cortés, and the Nazi eagle. According to Calvo Sandi, President Cortés had an affinity with the Nazi Party of Costa Rica having appointed Max Effiger, the president of the local Nazi party, as his adviser on immigration matters. 

Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas

Only 20 minutes from your favorite casino on Las Vegas Boulevard, Red Rock Canyon can’t be missed especially when you need a breather . The natural scenery and wide open spaces are spectacular and if Instagram is your photo album, there are lots of photo ops here to impress your followers.   The one way, 13-mile scenic drive is a paved road with lots of overlooks to get up close to the rock formations formed millions of years ago. The Park has 26 numbered trails if you like to hike. You can also go horseback riding or mountain biking as well as rock climbing. The Visitor Center has a lot of information about the evolution of Red Rock Canyon and the flora and wildlife that inhabit its terrain. Pick up your scenic map and trail guide there before you start your scenic drive. Don’t forget to look for desert tortoises in the canyon. Turtlehead Peak in the background There’s a trail here that goes to Turtlehead Peak and Calico Tanks Calico Hills Calico Hills Overlook The reddish color of