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Alimango Restaurant

Alimango in garlic sauce At Alimango (crab) restaurant in San Mateo, California, there are at least five different ways to savor alimango. The alimango in garlic butter sauce we ordered was both meaty and juicy. I was surprised that a large alimango would be as tasty as the freshly caught crabs we were served at home in the islands. But the crab dish was not my favorite. I liked the sautéed ampalaya (bitter melon) with fish and the boneless bangus (milkfish) which was marinated with tamarind. The large crab has a $35.00 price tag. For more information about Alimango and their menu, visit . Address: 3708 S. El Camino Real San Mateo, California UPDATE:  RESTAURANT CLOSED * * * Photo by Charie