Summer Roadtrip

According to a US Travel Association survey (conducted between March 8-11, 2012), “rising gas prices will impact business and leisure travel plans this summer”. But there’s welcome relief at the pump as the price of gasoline has dropped below the $4.00 mark and as of last week, $3.59/gallon for regular unleaded at a Central Valley gas station in California.  California gasoline prices have traditionally been higher than in other states because of stringent emission standards set by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). This translates to the production of a “cleaner-burning formulation gasoline” which further adds to the cost of gasoline.

So does the lower price per gallon at the pump mean that vacationers will embrace the road more so this summer than last? We’ll have to wait and see till September.

Safe travels!

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Image by Charie


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