Memories of Palma

Pastel of Salmon dish at La Bodeguilla

It was drizzling when we arrived in Palma de Mallorca and the temperature was way lower than in Seville where we had spent the last several days roasting under Andalucian skies. And it rained for most of the time we were in Palma. That sort of dampened our visit but we discovered several places of refuge to while the time away.

Off the main shopping street we found two restaurants, both under the same management. El Burladero is a casual taberna on Calle Concepcion where we kept dry and ate a late, late lunch after a long day of sightseeing. As it was late afternoon and some of the staff were on lunch break themselves, we had the opportunity to get acquainted with them and find out about island life. The following day we had an early dinner at La Bodeguilla, an upscale restaurant with several dining rooms. We tucked ourselves in a niche with a big glass window overlooking Calle San Jaime. It was a pleasure to linger over dinner and drinks. I had the pastel of salmon which was every bit as tender, moist and as appetizing as the image above suggests. In both places we had the best and most attentive service in all of Spain.

After dinner we walked to the area near the Lonja (old Bourse, now being renovated) to the Jazz Voyeur Club where we sat in a small, intimate room to listen to some great music. It was a Saturday night and the club was standing room only. For such a terrific concert, we each paid the price of a drink or 4 euros for a glass of wine. What a bargain! This same club has hosted the likes of Diana Krall. Check out

For more on Palma de Mallorca, check my video below.

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Photo by Rosario Charie Albar


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