8 Images from the Church of São Roque in Lisbon

Igreja de Sao Roque
The Church of São Roque has been designated as the Jubilee Church with a Holy Door of Mercy during this Jubilee of Mercy year (December 8, 2015 - November 20, 2016). Please check my post about Lisbon for more information. http://travelswithcharie.blogspot.com/2016/05/why-lisbon.html

Interior of São Roque
The singular nave is flanked by four chapels on each side.

A view of the chapels on the left side of the Church. From left to right are the chapels of the Holy Family, St. Anthony, Our Lady of Piety, and St. John the Baptist.

Chapel of St. Anthony of Padua
St. Anthony, the protector of brides and the patron saint of the lost and found, was born in Lisbon. He is well loved by the Portuguese and his statues are found in churches throughout Portugal. He happens to be my patron saint. The Church of St. Anthony in the Alfama marks his birthplace.  

Chapel of Our Lady of Piety
The theme of this Chapel is Calvary. Jesus dies on the cross, is taken down and held by His grieving mother. The wooden Pietà sculpture is from the 17th century.

Chapel of Our Lady of the Doctrine
The central figures in this Chapel are St. Anne carrying the Virgin Mary and they are flanked by the statues of St. Joachim and St. Anne who are the parents of Mary. The entire chapel is richly adorned in gilt woodwork.

Chapel of St. John the Baptist
The Chapel of St. John the Baptist was consecrated in Rome in 1744 by Pope Benedict XIV then it was dismantled and shipped to Lisbon in 1747. It is possibly the most expensive chapel in the world.

Chapel of São Roque
At the height of the plague in 1505, Dom Manuel I of Portugal obtained a relic of São Roque from Venice (where the saint's body was moved to in 1485) in order to protect Lisboetas from the dreaded plague. A small shrine was built to shelter the relic. It was later expanded when the Jesuits took over the shrine in the 16th century. The current Church of São Roque is the first Jesuit church in Portugal and was the home of the Jesuits for two centuries until they were expelled from Portugal. São Roque is the patron saint of plague victims and dogs (notice the dog beside him). 

Address: Largo Trindade Coehlo, Lisbon
Metro: Baixa Chiado


Images by TravelswithCharie


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