The Hidden Charms of Aklan

Lambingan beach, Kalibo
Lambingan Beach
Aklan has many attractions that tourists miss when they head straightaway to Boracay from the Kalibo International Airport. Lambingan Beach is just a few minutes down the road from the airport and the perfect spot to celebrate the blue hour. Or meet locals frolicking on the beach.

Tinago lake, Batan, Aklan
Tinago Lake
Tinago Lake in Batan is aptly named. Tinago means hidden and this lake is well hidden except to those who seek off the grid paths. We met two other visitors when we were in Tinago. It was easy to appreciate the expanse of lake and sky and harness the #bluemind in tranquil surroundings.

Lezo, Aklan
Bayangan Village, Lezo
I enjoy shopping for pottery in this village because the prices are reasonable and the stall owners are open to bargaining and will even give an extra planter or two if you purchase a lot of pottery. Bayangan means "potter's wheel" and Lezo is the pottery capital of Aklan.

St. Isidore the Farmer Church
St. Isidore the Farmer Church is right next to the pottery market. It has served the parish community since 1910.

Jawili Falls, Aklan
Jawili Falls
The cool plunge pools at Jawili Falls are inviting, even during the summer months when the flow of water is limited to a thin stream.   

Jawili beach, Aklan
Jawili Beach is down the road from Jawili Falls and a good place to stop and observe the large basnig boats docked close to shore. These fishing boats go out at night to lure fish using gas powered lights and nets. Sounds simple enough but calculations have to be made as to how deep the nets must be cast in order to capture the most fish.

Jawili coast, Aklan
Jawili Coast
There is a lookout point uphill from the beach that gives a panoramic view of  Jawili Coast.
How to get there:
There are several flights daily from Manila and Cebu to Kalibo International Airport . 
1. Take a tricycle from Kalibo airport to Lambingan Beach
2. Hire a private van for the trip to Batan and Tinago Lake and to Lezo.
3. Take a bus or van from the bus terminal in the city center to Tangalan Public Market and hire a tricyle from there to Jawili Falls/Beach.
4. From Roxas City, take a public utility vehicle (PUV) to Kalibo from Punta Dulog Terminal. Travel time is slightly under two hours. 
5. From Iloilo, take a bus to Kalibo from Tagbak Terminal in Jaro. Travel time is approximately 3.5 hours.


Images by TravelswithCharie


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