When to go to Malumpati Cold Spring

Malumpati Cold Spring, Antique
There are so many exceptional beaches and swimming holes in and around Panay Island but I had never been to Malumpati Cold Spring in Antique. After checking out the attractions of Jawili in Aklan, we drove to Pandan which is a short distance from the border of Aklan province.

Everyone had the same idea as we did. Malumpati was insanely crowded. Summer break was well on its way and families were in the know where to cool down. Who can resist turquoise waters on a sweltering day?

I was naive to expect tranquil surroundings. I did find a little piece of heaven on the other side of the bridge that is enveloped by overgrown trees with hints of caves and my mind's idea of an idyllic day by the water. But it is not accessible to the public. Summer is not the best time to visit Malumpati nor weekends. I'll go back another day. Make that a weekday.

There's a minimal entrance fee to Malumpati Cold Spring. We paid 50 pesos for parking. There are people at the parking lot who say they'll watch your car. Ask them beforehand what their fee is. 

If you plan to stay at the resort for a few hours and didn't bring food, there are several restaurants and food kiosks onsite to choose from. 

How to get there:
From Aklan: Take the bus bound for Antique from the bus terminal in Kalibo near the Capitol building and get off in Pandan. Then take a tricycle to the Malumpati Cold Spring resort.
From Roxas City: Best to hire a van or car for a day trip to Pandan. Pandan is 2 1/2 hours from Roxas City. Vans may be hired from Punta Dulog Terminal in Pueblo de Panay. Alternatively, take a bus bound for Kalibo and transfer from there to an Antique bound bus. If you decide to hire a van or car, combine trip to Malumpati with an island hopping tour to Mararison Island to get the best value for your money.


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