Iseltwald -Brigadoon by the Sea

The village of Iseltwald is a quick 15-minute bus ride from bustling Interlaken. But those few minutes through a winding, one lane highway that manages to squeeze two vehicles going in opposite directions, make all the difference in the world. I felt like I arrived in Brigadoon as fog hovered over green hills that roll down to the lake. Yes, the setting of the musical, Brigadoon, is the Scottish Highlands. And I´m in equally magical Switzerland.

Lake Brienz is like a mirror reflecting the surrounding mountains and valleys that is home to a few hundred residents.

The streets were so quiet as I walked around the village in early afternoon. Were the locals taking a siesta? But this is not Spain! The only noise I heard was from my camera as I clicked away, trying to capture this sleeping beauty that will awake in winter when skiers descend upon the village. How lucky I was to observe the smoke curling out of the chimney of this wooden church without the selfie crowd!

Chalets line the water´s edge against a backdrop of fall foliage. And boats sway gently on the lake waiting for the weekend. 

Every chalet has a story to tell. Skis and fishes decorate this one. 

Flowers bloom even in November to brighten up this lakeside chalet.

The castle of the Lords Of Matten is seen here partially hidden behind the hill. It stands on the edge of the peninsula and has an unobstructed view of Lake Brienz. It is now a rehabilitation center.

Discovering Iseltwald was something special. I wasn´t even aware of its existence. Thanks to the hotel staff who told me how easy it was to visit this Brigadoon by the sea.
This was how I felt about my visit to Iseltwald: 
¨What a day this has been
What a rare mood I´m in
Why, it´s almost like being in love
There´s a smile on my face
For the whole human race.¨ Brigadoon: Almost like being in love. 

How to get there:
Take Bus 103 to Iseltwald from the square in front of Interlaken Ost bahnhof. It runs hourly. Local hotels give free bus passes to their guests that is valid for the duration of their stay and can be used for travel to neighboring towns. It comes with a map indicating where passes are accepted.

There is also a boat that cruises around the lake from Interlaken during the summer and stops at Iseltwald. It is moored at the back of the train station in Interlaken Ost.


Images by TravelswithCharie


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