Mirabell Gardens

Small Parterre
The Mirabell Gardens were laid out in 1687 during the reign of Prince-Archibishop Johann Ernst von Thun. It was designed by Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach within the Mirabell palace grounds and redesigned a few times over the years. One of the characteristics of a Baroque garden is how it incorporates vistas outside the garden into its design. This feature is evident from Rosehill, on the south side of the Palace. Our eyes are drawn from the Small Parterre to the Fountain of Pegasus and beyond to the dome and steeples of the Cathedral of Salzburg and Hohensalzburg Fortress. 

This garden was prominently featured in The Sound of Music. The family Von Trapp with Maria sang Do Re Mi here.

View of Vogelhaus and Rose Hill
Another component of the Baroque garden is the application of curbed patterns.

Hedge Tunnel
The "allee" or path lined with trees is also an architectural element of a baroque garden. 

Rose Garden

This rose garden is an enclosed area on the north side of the palace overlooking the Grand Parterre.
Grand Parterre
The Grand Parterre has an incomparable view of the Cathedral and Hohensalzburg fortress which is in direct line with the main axis of the garden. The four statues by Ottavio Mosto representing fire, air, earth and water surround the Grand Fountain. 

Grand Fountain
The Grand fountain is bounded on one side by a row of trees which form part of a shady allée.

Detail of floral planting.

The most inviting part of the garden on hot summer days is this shady path formed by pleached trees with welcoming benches.

"Beauty surrounds us but usually we need to be walking in a garden to know it." Rumi


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