What's new in Roxas City

Dining and entertainment in the seafood capital of the Philippines is on the upswing. All along Baybay Beach, restaurants are sprouting and the masses are following. On weekends, the beach is full of day trippers who jump gleefully into the sea and soak their feet in the sand.

Before any beachside restaurant was born in Roxas City, Marc's was already around serving their famous pork barbecue. When I order my meals, I go for their vegetable chop suey and battered chicken. Up the street from Marc's is Coco Veranda, a crowd favorite. You can order fresh catch of the day by pointing to any swimming fish in their tank or try their blue or white marlin.

At the Sandbar, I like their tangigue steak. You can order food from this restaurant and have it served poolside across the street. The infinity pool streams down to a man made lake. It's beautiful! If you wish to stay the night, Casa Felisa has luxury suites next door to the pool.

Outside the city center in Dayao, Espacio is now open daily. Dining here is an experience amidst lush tropical landscape. The Pinoy style salad is truly Pinoy (see previous blog). For dessert I love the banana turon served on a bed of ice cream.

At Em Punto on the second floor of Gaisano Mall, wifi is free with any order. I like their one of a kind mango iced tea.

Across the street from Gaisano Mall is Area One where a live band attracts a young bunch. From Cebrew or Red Sun, you can watch and listen to the music while sipping a latte.

Roxas City is a sleepy town no more. No need to go overboard and suffer the fate of Boracay.

* * *

Photos by Rosario Charie Albar


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