Now on our third year

Third Graders at Culasi Elementary School

Happy to report that we successfully distributed school supplies to 234 children at the Culasi Elementary School. There are 233 children in first grade but since it was a rainy day, many children didn't make it to school. I came prepared to give to all first graders, but when so many were absent, we had extra school supplies. With the help of Miss Norma, a first grade teacher, we decided to give the rest to two sections in the second grade and a section in the third grade. Kids were all smiles when they got their pencils and crayons. I also gave some postcards of San Francisco, California to children who could answer the simple math questions I posed. It was heartwarming to hear them say "thank you". There were some kids who said "you're welcome" instead of thank you or one who said "very good" after he heard me say those same words. All in all a very satisfying experience which I hope to continue in the future. Many thanks to my mom, my sister, Diane A, Terry Smith and Bock Loo for helping me out.

At the Conrado Barrios Memorial School, the principal informed me that they had to temporarily stop the feeding program. 90 children were affected by this decision but as there were no funds forthcoming, the principal had no choice but to end the feeding program for now. Hopefully donors will come forward soon. Children are better able to learn on a full stomach.

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Photo by Rosario Charie Albar


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