At La Grande Epicerie Paris

Canal St. Martin

After walking along the Canal St. Martin today, I decided to take the metro across town to check out the gourmet grocery store of Au Bon Marché, La Grande Epicerie Paris on 38 Rue de Sevres. I tried to ignore the first glass counter of tempting delicate cookies and sweets and walked towards the back of the store. I walked past the deli and olives counter to the "plats a emporter" which had various Asian dishes like noodles, egg rolls, and sushi. I thought about taking out some of the dishes but decided against it as I was really hungry after the long walk and couldn't wait to go back to the hotel before eating dinner.

Plateau Bac

Behind the bread section is a small restaurant with high tables and bar stools. I checked out the offerings and decided the Plateau Bac looked very appetizing indeed. This is a seafood concoction with shrimps, a generous helping of coquilles (scallops) served with rice and vegetables (string beans, tomatoes, white onions, carrots, and zucchini) and a bowlful of tuna salad with cucumber, corn, rice and onion rings on a bed of mâche or lamb's lettuce. They also gave me a piece of baguette. All for 12.50 euros. What a treat! The scallops were tender as were the shrimps and the vegetables were not overcooked (as commonly found in many European restaurants).

After dinner I walked around the store to check out the chocolates and cookies and picked a box of Tuiles Amandes, almond cookies which are not too sweet and the perfect partner to after dinner coffee or tea.

On my way back to the hotel, I walked down Rue de Sevres where there are many chic stores like Furla, all the way to Rue de Grenelle where Prada and Valentino hold court. On the corner of Boulevard St. Germain and Rue de Bellechasse I passed by Gosselin, a boulanger and patissier and bought two more sweets - a beignet with apple filling and a simple galette au sucre which was a good thing because I got lost along the way and ate the beignet while trying to find a metro station. Does it seem like I was famished? Yes, sir! I only had one meal today and on top of that, I walked across Paris.

Bon appetit!

* * *

Photos by Charie


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