Let's start the day with a medialuna!


To start the day with a medialuna is very nice indeed. My favorite is the buttered medialuna (half moon) which I found tasty though probably packed with calories, but who's counting?

Vegetarian  Burger

My "healthy" restaurant chain of choice in Buenos Aires is the Green & Co. where for about 40 Argentine pesos, I could get a combo plate with vegies, shrimps or salmon, and sprinkling of rice. They also have vegetarian burgers, tartas, ensaladas and wraps. There's a branch at the famous Galerias Pacifico (shopping mall) on San Martin and Calle Florida.

For  afternoon breaks, I indulged on empanadas. I like the chicken empanadas best. It goes well with a nice glass of white Argentine wine. Here's a link to the recipe for this favorite Argentine snack. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/paula-deen/chicken-empanadas-recipe/index.html


There are empanadas with fruit fillings instead of meat. I find these at Mexican bakeries here in California. The choice of fillings are as many but the pineapple empanada is at the top of my list.

To complete the  meal, what can be better than this tiramisu from Café Tortoni? Sweet!!!

Oh, I haven't forgotten the steak! Find a parilla and order those thick and juicy steaks. This is really the "stuff" of Argentine cuisine.

Parillada mixta

Buen provecho!

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Images by Charie


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