Halloween 2016

The one bright spot today was the Pumpkin Patch of Uesugi Farms in San Martin near Gilroy, California. The marigolds were so blinding that despite rain clouds, I needed sunglasses. This is the first year in business for this particular pumpkin patch and the little ones were having the time of their lives with the choo choo train and tractor rides through corn mazes. 

And a pumpkin pyramid too! What a happy place! 

I wonder how many pies this pyramid of pumpkins would make? According to trivia I found at the patch, the largest pie ever made was 5 ft. in diameter and weighed 350 lbs. of which 80 pounds represented cooked pumpkins.  

Turban pumpkins
It was fascinating to check out the many varieties of pumpkins like white munchkins, blue pumpkin, and turban pumpkin. But there was no pumpkin carriage though. 😀

Happy Halloween! 🎃🎃🎃


Images by travelswithcharie


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