Volare and Polignano a Mare

Cala Porto
Before Polignano a Mare became a popular hashtag on Instagram, there was Nel blu dipinto di blu, the Italian song that became a huge international hit in the late 1950s. Dean Martin crooned in his cover version:
"Volare oh oh 
Cantare oh oh oh  
No wonder my happy heart sings
Your love has given me wings
Nel blu, dipinto di blu
Felice di stare lassu."

Cala Porto is a small, pebbly beach surrounded by limestone cliffs and cliffhanging homes. It would make anyone's heart sing when viewed from the Roman bridge. The beach, also known as Lama Monachile, gets crowded during the summer months and the sea is dotted with bobbing yachts.

This shopping and dining street looks empty. Its mid afternoon in late January and the whole town is taking a break.

Piazza dell'Orologio
Piazza dell'Orologio is so called because of the prominent 19th century mechanical clock on the façade of one of the buildings on the square. This building the home of a woman named Melina. The cord which rings the bell is inside Melina's house and the Commune di Polignano pays her a rental fee to maintain this cord. 

Whitewashed houses and spotless streets welcome visitors to Polignano.

Grotta Palazzese
The Grotta Palazzese Ristorante has been captured countless times on Instagram. It ranks high on the list of romantic restaurants for its unique location inside a cave and commanding view of the sea. Hotel Ristorante Grotta Palazzese was closed for renovations during my visit in January 2018. 

Sea Caves
Sea caves form a pretty picture along the coastline of Polignano a Mare.

Domenico Modugno
Domenico Modugno (popularly known as Mister Volare) was born in Polignano a Mare in 1928. He was a singer, songwriter, actor, Parliamentarian and three-time Grammy award winner.  His song Nel blu dipinto de blu became a huge hit in 1958 and sold 30 million records. It also won him his first Grammy award. The sculpture is the work of Hermann Mejer.

Here is the link to Modugno's rendition of Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu (Volare).

Refrain from Nel Blu:
Volare, oh oh
Cantare, oh oh oh
Nel blu dipinto de blu
Felice di stare lassu.

How to get there from Bari:
Take Trenitalia from Bari Centrale to Polignano. The trip takes approximately 30 minutes. The ticket price is 2.50 euros each way.


Images by TravelswithCharie


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